Supercell ID:M620-TH12-BB6-Level 166 King 61 Queen 65 Warden 36

Prezzo: 130.22 USD

  • Server:Supercell ID
  • Livello di Account: 166
  • Livello di Municipio: 12
  • Town Hall WeaponLevel: 5
  • Livello di Sala Costruttore: 6
  • Nome Modifiable: No
  • Livello di Re Barbaro: 61
  • Livello di Regina degli Arcieli: 65
  • Livello di Gran Sorvegliante: 37
  • Livello di Macchina da Guerra: 5
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Come possiamo utilizzare le informazioni dell'account che abbiamo ricevuto per accedere al gioco?

1. Quando la storia del gioco si basa su Account Google Play (supercell ID: Disconnesso).

[Android Phone]

Basta entrare nel gioco tramite Google Play
1. Entra nel gioco tramite Google Play via dispositivo Android o Emulatore, poi registra il tuo ID Supercell privato (Salta questo passaggio se hai già l'ID Supercell)
2. Vincola l'account con il tuo ID Supercell

3. Usa il tuo ID Supercell per accedere al gioco sul tuo dispositivo IOS.

2. Quando la storia del gioco si basa su Supercell ID(supercell ID: Connesso).


Basta entrare nel gioco tramite Supercell ID

[Tutorial Video Correlati]
1.Google Play Login:
2.Super Cell ID Login:

3.Account Android: Processo di vincolare Super Cell ID:

4.Come modificare la password di Gmail?

5.Come connettersi a Gmail con Rescue Email?

Ps: Se hai domande su quello detto sopra, contatta il servizio clienti online per aiuto. Ti aiuteremo ad accedere al gioco.
Informazione: GOOD Town Hall 12 for sale.
Heroes: King is  61 , Queen is  65 and Grand Warden is  36

Name change : Available for FREE
Account information
Android: Ready.
iOS: Ready.

Information will be given: Supercell ID email, password and backup codes

- Please note that all of my Clash of Clans accounts can play on BOTH iOS and Android operating systems. This account was linked to Supercell ID, which allows you to sign in to the account on any mobile device, regardless of the operating system.
- Once you receive the Supercell ID information, I will lead you step by step on how to log in to the account and change your security settings.

- Will give you full control of Supercell ID email and will guide you step by step how to log in and secure the account

Additional information
- The account will come will be protected under Lifetime Warranty.

- If this account isn’t ideal, feel free to view my store for other good offers or browse through my accounts live! I use the following clans to donate in between my accounts and store them for sale:
1.     g00d w0rld (2GJ2GC2)
2.     g00d w0rld 2 (LLL89G9C)

- 337 gems are available

Please check actual screenshots:

If you have any enquiry, please email me at [email protected] (ymail not gmail)

Thank you

Frequently Asked Questions -


- All my accounts are legit. It means they were bought original owners face to face, they were checked no mod/cheat using before. their devices will be check and loaded another account. The account only belong to you after buying, no one can log in. My devices also loaded with other accounts, I will give you all securities information to change. If problem is happened, exchange with another account or refund. My rating show how good my service is.

- It means ALL accounts you bought me will have support for LIFETIME PLAYING. ANY problem my sides will be fixed. If I cannot fixed, will exchange similar account (or even better) for you.
- NEVER contact supercell. Your village will be LOCKED/BANNED if you contact them, whatever reason is.
- If you contact supercell for any reason or give account information to 3rd party, the warranty will be broken.


- Whenever contacting them, supercell will record IPs, hardward IDs, location and device information at that time. If these information change too fast, they will lock/ban for security. No game provider allows selling/buying game account.

- Account’s information was sent to you automatically by IGVault, so sometimes I didn’t know it was sold or I left device at home. My kids may play accidentally. I will log it out when I am home. Normally it will take few hours only. After that NO ONE can log in your account. If you have that problem, please email me at [email protected], I will fix ASAP.

- If you have payment problem, please contact IGVault support:
- If you have questions about game account, you can contact me at [email protected] any time. I will reply ASAP. (Never take longer than 18 hours)