Pokemon GO:20%Off(Legendary+Mystery box+Mewtwo+Gen4)Many Many100IV Pokemons

Prezzo: 204.96 USD

  • Livello di personaggio: 35
  • Squadra Designato: Team Coraggio
  • Legendary Pokemons: Moltres / Ho-Oh / Mewtwo / Regirock / Deoxys / Giratina / Cresselia
  • Quantità di Stardust: 1000000
  • 100%IV Pokemon: 26
  • Numero di Pokemon nella Borsa: 104
  • Total Candies: 9000
  • PokéCoin: 0
  • Pokémon nel Pokédex: 187
  • Pokemon Gold&Silver: Yes
  • Server:Global Server
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Most Versatile
“One size fits all” pokemon
Great counter for most raids
Highest CP outside of Legendary & Mythical Pokemon

Best Defense
Great for leaving at gyms
High HP

Mystery box
Unopened mystery box for Meltan
Works like incense.
Once opened, you will have 30mins to catch Meltan. You will be able to catch around 15 Meltan